Matt Madderra, Author at BSA Alumni Association

How Do I Join the BSAAA?

The Alumni Award requirements, Section IV, (Membership), requests people to join the BSA Alumni Association.   This functionality is not currently available, what can I do in the meantime? Hello, The BSAAA does not currently offer members because we want every Scouting supporter around the campfire.  Please sign up here to get regular updates on all … Learn more

Working with National Service Territories?

In the organizational structure of the new National Service Territories (NST’s), is there an established position that assists councils specifically with their alumni relations needs? If not, why not…and where then would councils find such assistance? Hello, This is a good question. Currently, the national NST organizational structure does not have a designated position to … Learn more

Presenting Annual Awards?

If my council doesn’t have an Alumni committee, are we allowed to annually present the BSA’s Council Alumnus of the Year Award, and BSA Alumni Awards? Without a NESA Committee, are we allowed to annually present NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Awards, and the National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award? Hello, The establishment … Learn more

Will There be an Event at Philmont?

I’m hearing that there is going to be a national Alumni event next summer at Philmont. Is this true? If so, where can individuals find more information about this event? Yes, thank you for reaching out.  We plan to host exactly that at the Philmont Training Center, next June 12th-18th, 2022.  In addition to hearing … Learn more

Association for Local Camps?

Dear BSA AA National Chairman, My favorite camp is Camp Robert J. Drake in Fairmont, Illinois.  Will the BSA create an alumni association for Camp Drake?  I’d love to hear what my fellow camp staff are doing and what the camp looks like today? Thanks, Drake Fan Dear Drake Fan, What a great idea! Each … Learn more

Will I have to pay additional fees?

Dear BSA AA National Chairman, I am a member of the Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Association – does that mean I am a member of the BSA Alumni Association, or do I need to pay another fee? Thanks, Summit Staffer 4 Life Dear Summit Staffer 4 Life, Thank you for being a member of the … Learn more