Ramsay Ellis


Are you wondering what to do to rebuild and advance the BSA post-bankruptcy? Don’t start from scratch! Start with those who have benefitted from the Scouting program and have been away for a while. Learn everything you need to know about identifying, connecting, and engaging with our alumni. Return home from PTC with lots of … Learn more

Reunion Planning Tips

The BSA Alumni Association has put together some tips if you’re planning an alumni reunion. Download this PDF to help with your next event!  

Philmont Seasonal Staff Opportunities

Imagine your favorite thing about that time you went to Philmont, or imagine the trip that you have always wanted to take to the legendary Scout camp. Okay, now imagine actually getting paid to spend a summer at Philmont. It sounds like a dream come true right? Applying for Philmont seasonal staffing opportunities is a … Learn more

1 Million and Growing: BSA Membership on the Rise

BSA membership has exceeded its year-over-year numbers by 3%. Coming off the COVID-19 pandemic and the bankruptcy proceedings, BSA officials knew that the 2022 recruiting numbers would go a long way toward determining the future of the organization.