NST Alumnus of the Year Award

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…

The Territories Alumnus of the Year Award features an acorn, a reminder that Scouts and Scouters plant trees under which they may never sit.

It is in that vein that the award was created as it recognizes those that promote and share the gift of Scouting through their careers, avocations, and their influence.

The Territories Alumnus of the Year Award is different than other awards in Scouting as it does not simply recognize the individual for being a distinguished person or honor those giving time and energy to the BSA as a volunteer leader; Scouting already has awards that do that. It is more of a combination between the two.


Primary consideration (80%) is given to those that:

  • Remind Scouting alumni to maintain a lifetime relationship with Scouting, which enables Scouting to remain healthy for future generations.
  • Scouting promotion, contributing significantly to the promotion and/or advancement of the BSA alumni program and activities at a Council over a sustained period-of-time through word and/or deed.
  • Bring Scouting Alumni back to the Campfire.

Secondary consideration
(20%)  is given to:

  • Career and/or avocation, such as achieving high honor or distinction in their chosen profession.
  • Community service, including contributions to Scouting or other community efforts or organizations.

How to Get the Award

  • Nominees must be a BSA alumnus – which means he or she has been positively and personally impacted by the BSA in some way.
  • A maximum of one recipient may be awarded per grouping of Territories per year. The groupings are currently:
    o NST 1, 2, & 3
    o NST 4, 5, 6, & 9
    o NST 7, 8, 14, 15, & 16
    o NST 10, 11, 12, & 13
  • The nomination is not to be submitted posthumously.
  • Nominations are submitted to the BSA Alumni Association electronically to bsa.alumni@scouting.org by December 31 of the preceding year.
  • The Awards and Recognition subcommittee of the BSA Alumni Association then convenes a selection committee to select the Honorees.


Item Description and Uniform Placement

Certificate, Lapel Pin and Orange ribbon with medal.

NST Alumnus of the Year Award Recipients

Region/TerritoryNSTYearCouncil NameName
CR62018Pathway to AdventureDr. Brad L. Epstein
CR62017Pathway to AdventureTodd R. Plotner
NER2017Knox TrailPeter P. Casey
NER102018Greater Hudson ValleyWilliam R. Grogg
SR152017Heart of VirginiaRichard Paul Bragga
SR72018Alamo AreaCol. James H. Lynch
WR32017Silicon Valley Monterey BayRichard M. Brenner
WR12018Chief SeattleWilliam C. Larson
CR62019Potawatomi AreaLucien L. Van Elsen
NER122019Del-Mar-VaR. Clifford Berg, Jr.
SR142019Middle TennesseeIan M. Romaine, Ph.D.
WR32019Redwood EmpireDouglas R. McDonald
CR92020Michigan CrossroadsJay S. Bottorff
NER132020Minsi TrailsArnold F. Traupman
SR152020Coastal CarolinaRandy L. Potts
WR22020MontanaCharles S. Eubank
CR62021Pathway to AdventureJoseph M. Kruzan, Jr.
NER112021Connecticut RiversWilliam E. Johnston
SR152021Blue RidgeMichael Lawrence Thompson
WR32021Orange CountyJeffrey Evan Bozanic
32022Greater Los AngelesRoss Arnold
92022Michigan CrossroadsDavid M. Ehrlich
142022Blue GrassTimothy C. Brown
122022Baltimore AreaJay Lenrow
22023Crossroads of the WestJared Olschewski
42023Hawkeye AreaBruce Hamous
152023Old HickoryBradley Taylor
132023Minsi TrailsWilliam J. Kropa