Alumni Award - Scouting Alumni & Friends

Alumni award

Recognizing those who help Scouting alumni reconnect

Your mission should you choose to take it…​

Millions of Americans—including several of your coworkers, friends, and family members—were involved in Scouting at one point in their lives.

The trick is tracking these former members down and asking them to reconnect with the Boy Scouts of America.

That’s where you come in. Ready for a challenge?

Help these one-time Scouts get back in touch with the Scouting program, and you’ll be eligible to earn the Alumni Award square knot seen above.

The award recognizes registered Scouters who help unregistered alumni rejoin the program. This task breaks down into four categories of requirements:

  • Alumni identification and promotion, such as contacting former members, planning alumni activities, and/or presenting to non-Scout groups.
  • Alumni engagement, including helping two former members become registered Scouters or recruiting alumni to volunteer at Scouting events.
  • Personal participation, which could mean serving on an alumni committee or sharing your experiences at the BSA Alumni Web site.
  • Personal education, such as completing the online alumni training or taking an alumni course at the Philmont Training Center.

If you’re an Eagle Scout, you’ll also need to become a registered member of NESA, the National Eagle Scout Association.

The requirements are tough, and that’s by design. We expect folks to
work just as hard as alumni as they did as Scouts.

-Bill Steele, the BSA’s first director of Scouting Alumni & Friends

How to get the award

  • Applicants must be currently registered adult Scouters of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • All applicants must receive the approval of their local council’s alumni committee chair and Scout executive.
  • Approved applications are forwarded to the Scouting Alumni and Friends Committee. Those approved will be sent a certificate that can be used to purchase a square knot and/or lapel pin from the Scout Shop.
  • Individuals who have received the Alumnus of the Year (council, regional, or national) are also considered recipients of the Alumni Award.


Alumni Award Application (9/2018, 197K, PDF)

Supply item description and uniform placement

Knot, worn on any field uniform above the left pocket; lapel pin for civilian wear.

Supply/Bin item no.

Knot, No. 611866; lapel pin, No. 612901

More information

Alumni award recipients

Listed alphabetically by council
Abraham Lincoln (144)

Fred P. Barkett

Alabama-Florida (003)

Charles G. Ciccarelli

Alameda (022)
Alamo Area (583)

James Causey
Floyd “Tripp” Holmgrain
Robert “Bo”Jackson
Jim Lynch
Mike McClain
Anita Mills
Nikolaus Newman
John Oncken
Hugh P. Rote
Dr. John “JT” Thomas
Mark Sessions
Thomas Welsh

Allegheny Highlands (382)
Aloha (104)
Andrew Jackson (303)
Anthony Wayne Area (157)
Arbuckle Area (468)
Atlanta Area (092)
Baden-Powell (368)

James Graney
Liam G.B. Murphy

Baltimore Area (220)
Bay Area (574)
Bay-Lakes (635)

Marvin R. Gibson
David J. Hirn
Brendan Marston

Black Hills Area (695)
Black Swamp Area (449)
Black Warrior (006)
Blackhawk Area (660)

Paul T. Zeien, Jr.

Blue Grass (204)

John D. Eggum

Blue Mountain (604)

Scott A. Lynch

Blue Ridge (551)
Blue Ridge Mountains (599)

Dr. Jim Parker
Robert L. Warren

Buckeye (436)

Scott P. Sandrock

Buckskin (617)

Larry R. Boggs Jr.
Jeremy A. Cox
Gregory Gentry
Edward L. Kemper
Charles L. Powell III
Jeremy Starkey

Bucktail (509)
Buffalo Trace (156)

Chad Sergesketter

Buffalo Trail (567)
Caddo Area (584)
Calcasieu Area (209)
California Inland Empire (045)

Dennis Matthews
Billy Burk Rosenberg

Cape Cod and Islands (224)
Cape Fear (425)
Capitol Area (564)
Cascade Pacific (492)

Allan D. Campbell

Catalina (011)
Central Florida (083)

Barrie J. Biss
Christopher W. Cleasby
John G. Fisher
Rev. Dr. Terry Grove
George M. Harrison
K. William Hayes
Samuel J. Kirschten
William T. Litton
Thomas A. McFadden II
Floyd A. White, III
Thomas J. Yuschok, MD

Central Georgia (096)
Central Minnesota (296)
Central North Carolina (416)

Jay D. McKinney

Chattahoochee (091)

CPT. RET. Frederic M. Sieg
Timothy A. Starley

Cherokee Area (469)
Cherokee Area (556)
Chester County (539)
Chickasaw (558)

Franklin D. Brown

Chief Cornplanter (538)
Chief Seattle (609)

Robert J. Meneghini

Chippewa Valley (637)
Choctaw Area (302)
Cimarron (474)
Circle Ten (571)

Gregory H. Duncan, DDS
David M. Hamilton
Andy Selman

Coastal Carolina (550)

Michael J. Kelley, Jr.
Hon. Randy L. Potts

Coastal Georgia (099)

Peter N. Mastopoulos, Ed.D.

Colonial Virginia (595)

Howard Timothy Ewing

Columbia-Montour (504)
Connecticut Rivers (066)

Patrick S. Boyd
Thomas J. Sinkewicz

Connecticut Yankee (072)

James C. Delorey

Conquistador (413)
Cornhusker (324)

Dr. James L. Hoke

Coronado Area (192)
Cradle of Liberty (525)

Rudolf G. Tellmann

Crater Lake (491)
Crossroads of America (160)

Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel

Dan Beard (438)

C J “Pete” Armstrong Jr.
Matt Scherocman

Daniel Boone (414)

James C. Karegeannes

Daniel Webster (330)

Steven H. Davis
Craig Donais
Michael Dutton
R. James Steiner

De Soto Area (013)
Del-Mar-Va (081)
Denver Area (061)
Direct Service (800)
East Carolina (426)

Avery Moore
Andrew D. Willis

East Texas Area (585)
Erie Shores (460)
Evangeline Area (212)
Far East (803)

Arriel Atienza
Joseph E. Brown
David H. Maher
Andreas K. Wesemann

Five Rivers (375)
Flint River (095)

Samuel Sipes

French Creek (532)
Gamehaven (299)
Garden State (690)

Ian M. Gill

Gateway Area (624)
Georgia-Carolina (093)
Glacier’s Edge (620)

R. Philip Petrowski

Golden Empire (047)
Golden Spread (562)

Darnell Grosz

Grand Canyon (010)

Sheldon Allred
Donald Berg
Wayne C.
William L. Lavigne
Charles D. Lewis
Stoney Osterreich
Daniel Whiterell

Grand Columbia (614)

Bruce Douglas Noonan, M.D.

Grand Teton (107)
Great Alaska (610)
Great Lakes FSC (272)

Jay S. Bottorff
Michael A. Vangelov

Great Rivers (653)
Great Salt Lake (590)

Scott E. Allen
Jeffrey Einhorn

Great Smoky Mountain (557)
Great Southwest (412)

Terrance J. Brown

Gamehaven (299)
Garden State (690)
Gateway Area (624)
Georgia-Carolina (093)
Glacier’s Edge (620)
Golden Empire (047)
Golden Spread (562)
Grand Canyon (010)
Gary A. Smith, MD.
Grand Columbia (614)
Penny L. Sibley
Grand Teton (107)
Great Alaska (610)
Great Lakes FSC (272)
Great Rivers (653)
Great Salt Lake (590)
Great Smoky Mountain (557)
Great Southwest (412)
Great Trail (433)
Greater Alabama (001)

Kristin G. Massie

Greater Los Angeles Area (033)

Ross M. Arnold
Andrew J. Osborne

Greater New York Councils (640)

Justin M. King
James T. Whitaker

Greater Niagara Frontier (380)
Greater St. Louis Area (312)

Raymond W. Botterbush
Terry Grogan
Stephen B. Thompson

Greater Tampa Bay Area (089)
Greater Wyoming (638)
Greater Yosemite (059)
Green Mountain (592)
Greenwich (067)
Gulf Coast (773)
Gulf Stream (085)
Hawk Mountain (528)
Hawkeye Area (172)
Heart of America (307)

Ryan E. Meador
James W. Peavey

Heart of New England (230)

John K. Atlas
David W. Carlson

Heart of Virginia (602)

Richard Bragga
Robert Preston
Mark A. Larson
J. Miller Smither

Hoosier Trails (145)
Housatonic (069)
Hudson Valley (374)
Illowa (133)
Indian Nations (488)

Steven K. Balman

Indian Waters (553)
Inland Northwest (611)
Iroquois Trail (376)
Istrouma Area (211)

Robert D. Clay

Jayhawk Area (197)
Jersey Shore (341)

John T. Brilla
Nicholas J. DeMarco
Jeffrey H. Goldsmith
John G. Polo

Juniata Valley (497)
Katahdin Area (216)
La Salle (165)
Lake Erie (440)
Las Vegas Area (328)

Jerry J. Browner

Last Frontier (480)
Laurel Highlands (527)

Matt Mallin

Leatherstocking (400)
Lincoln Heritage (205)

Barry T. Sanders
Robert A. Sharp, Jr.

Long Beach Area (032)
Longhorn (662)

Glenn Adams
Jason W. Wright

Longhouse (373)

John H. Green, Jr.

Longs Peak (062)
Los Padres (053)
Louisiana Purchase (213)
Marin (035)
Mason-Dixon (221)
Maui County (102)
Mayflower (251)

Joshua D. Paulin

Mecklenburg County (415)

D. Brady Drummond-Ryan
Scott Whitlock

Miami Valley (444)
Michigan Crossroads (780)
Mid-America (326)
Middle Tennessee (560)

Tim Acree
Watson Ambruster IV
Ray T. Capp
Robert Guisinger
Maribeth Hughes
Ian M. Romaine
Gregory K. Stark
Daniel B. Sutherland, IV
Hugh M. Travis
David M. Williams

Mid-Iowa (177)

Kandra Dickerson

Midnight Sun (696)

Tyler Brooks

Minsi Trails (502)

Edward Cool
Donald Sachs
Arnold F. Traupman

Mississippi Valley (141)
Mobile Area (004)

Kevin Gramelspacher
Michael J. Hartigan, III
Edward C. Stephens
Robert J. Ware, Jr.

Monmouth (347)

Bray Barnes
Thomas G. Bogart
Anthony Cullen
Daniel J. Dunn
Donald B. Evans
Jeffrey Rumen
Charles A. Spitz
David L. Tinker
Brian J. Valentino
Stanley A. Weinstein

Montana (315)

Gregory G. Pinski

Moraine Trails (500)

Joshua M. Nussbaum

Mount Baker (606)
Mount Diablo Silverado (023)

George Fosselius

Mountaineer Area (615)

Jacquelyn J. Core, JD, PhD
Steve Herron
Shane A. Miller
Meagen L. Pickens
Paul T. White

Muskingum Valley (467)

Charles “Chip” Udischas II

Narragansett (546)

Nicholas E. Sarantakes
Patrick H. Saxon

National Capital Area (082)

Bruce G. Anderson
Glen E. Clubb
Brian Kale
Fred Rubin

National Council (000)

John A. Beebe Sr.

Nevada Area (329)

Jim Stewart

New Birth of Freedom (544)
North Florida (087)

Michael John Freeman
John L. Gilkes

Northeast Georgia (101)
Northeast Illinois (129)

Kevin W. Baldwin
Gerald L. Bevignani

Northeast Iowa (178)
Northeastern Pennsylvania (501)

William Kropa

Northern Lights (429)
Northern New Jersey (333)

Raul Arrazcaeta
David Verbraska

Northern Star (250)

Timothy L. Liffrig

Northwest Georgia (100)
Northwest Texas (587)

Adèle Lewis

Norwela (215)
Occoneechee (421)
Ohio River Valley (619)
Old Hickory (427)
Old North State (070)
Orange County (039)

Jeffrey E. Bozanic
Russell J. Carter
Dale Parley Madsen
Sam Moses
Tung Nguyen
Richard L. West

Oregon Trail (697)

Ronald G. Brown

Ore-Ida (106)

Joseph S. Tilmant
Phillip A. Young

Overland Trails (322)
Ozark Trails (306)

Michael S. Clarke

Pacific Harbors (612)

J.W.G. “Yukon Jack” DeFabio
Ronald A. Hale
Col. Garth H. Holmes
Michael J. Movius

Pacific Skyline (031)
Palmetto (549)
Pathway to Adventure (456)

Brad L. Epstein, M.D.
Spencer A. Long
Todd R. Plotner
Francis J. Podbielski, MD

Patriots’ Path (358)

George Barnard
Mary L. Capen
Joseph Gonnella
Elsie F. Hemmings
Dennis J. Kohl
Richard M. Kurland
Larry Rosello
Jennifer Volz
Dr. Geoffrey W. Zoeller, Jr.

Pee Dee Area (552)

Diane Bauer
Richard C. Curran
Charles G. Firmbach
Ed Suggs
Bill (“SUPER SCOUT”) Tyson

Pennsylvania Dutch (524)
Piedmont (042)
Piedmont (420)
Pikes Peak (060)

Jerry W. Lollar

Pine Burr Area (304)

Dr. Charles W. L. Hall, PhD, DD, LPC

Pine Tree (218)
Pony Express (311)
Potawatomi Area (651)

Ben Cox
Richard A. Kettle
Kurt Lindemann
Lucien Van Elsen

Prairielands (117)

Curt Ware

President Gerald R. Ford FSC (781)

Jim Hanes
Patrick J. Parker
Michael D. Sulgrove

Puerto Rico (661)

Ramón A. Silva-Fradera

Pushmataha Area (691)

James Scott Hughes

Quapaw Area (018)

Dr. David L. Briscoe
David Elmore
Michael L. Stephens

Quivira (198)
Rainbow (702)
Redwood Empire (041)

David R. Spangler

Rio Grande (775)
Rip Van Winkle (405)
Rocky Mountain (063)
Sagamore (162)
Sam Houston Area (576)
Samoset (627)
San Diego-Imperial (049)

Frank Kebelman
John B. Shotwell

San Francisco Bay Area (028)
Santa Fe Trail (194)
Seneca Waterways (397)

Matthew J. Crance

Sequoia (027)

Richard M. Egan
Michael J. Feist

Sequoyah (713)
Shenandoah Area (598)
Silicon Valley Monterey Bay (055)

Jim Blank
Richard M. Brenner
Alexander Chien
Michael S. Malone

Simon Kenton (441)
Sioux (733)
Snake River (111)
South Florida (084)
South Georgia (098)
South Plains (694)
South Texas (577)
Southeast Louisiana (214)
Southern Shores FSC (783)

Michael P. Bennett
Phillip W. Crowder

Southern Sierra (030)
Southwest Florida (088)
Stonewall Jackson Area (763)
Suffolk County (404)
Susquehanna (533)
Suwannee River Area (664)
Tecumseh (439)

Robert S. Hisey Jr.
Elwin Spray

Texas Southwest (741)
Texas Trails (561)

Bradley M. Dempsey

The Spirit of Adventure (227)
Theodore Roosevelt (386)

Steven M. Grosskopf

Three Fires (127)

Daniel A. Caruso
Donald P. Davis
Christopher B. John
Herbert E. John
George E. Kunkel
Eng Chong Lim
Walter C. Loague
Brian S. McKenzie
Jeffrey A. McKenzie
John W. McKenzie
Timothy J. McKenzie
Keith A. Miller
Steven A. Norman
Cecil G. Piggott Jr.
Ralph G. Schuster
Michael J. Volkert
Ronald A. Wentzell
Jeff D. Zavoral

Three Harbors (636)

Leland M. Kammerer
Frederick Seeger

Three Rivers (578)
Tidewater (596)
Transatlantic (802)

Craig Young
Lisa Young

Trapper Trails (589)

Peter Hansen
Jared A. Olschewski
Mike Perkins

Tukabatchee Area (005)
Tuscarora (424)
Twin Rivers (364)
Twin Valley (283)
Utah National Parks (591)

Bryan E. Clements, Jr.
Marty Val Hil
Gary L. Morrill
Thomas M. Tree

Ventura County (057)
Verdugo Hills (058)
Voyageurs Area (286)
W.D. Boyce (138)
Washington Crossing (777)

Gordon G. Andrew
Michael Christopher Zalot

Water and Woods FSC (782)

Robert R. Lester, II

West Tennessee Area (559)
Westark Area (016)
Westchester-Putnam (388)

Jack M. Coughlin

Western Colorado (064)

Lynn Bair

Western Los Angeles County (051)
Western Massachusetts (234)

Michael Doland
Larry D. Lynch

Westmoreland-Fayette (512)
Winnebago (173)

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Yocona Area (748)

David P. Rumbarger, Jr.

Yucca (573)

Morris Brown
Jonathan A. Lindsey
David R. Panko
Sam Snoddy

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