Looking for some inspiration?

A Tenderfoot Talk is for you!

Ever attended a Scouting event and come away thinking, “Wow! Now, that was a GREAT speaker!!!”

Scouting Alumni & Friends compiles the BEST KEYNOTE ADDRESSES & INTERVIEWS made to Scouting audiences.

These are available for alumni and youth to view whenever and wherever they may be.

Think TED Talks but with a Scouting flavor.

Tenderfoot talks includes keynote addresses on a variety of topics Scouting and non-Scouting related.

Tenderfoot Talks include messages from:
  • Business leaders
  • Famous athletes
  • Explorers
  • Inventors
  • Political leaders
  • Celebrities
  • And more!

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Former news anchor of National Geographic Explorer, Boyd Matson, speaking at a Scouting event
Tenderfoot Talks organized by Presenter’s Last Name.