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Find ways to identify, recruit and reengage Scouting alumni to help grow Scouting programs, today.

Scouting Alumni & Friends has established two new grant programs to assist councils in developing activities and programs to recruit Scouting alumni.

The application process is easy and the benefits are great!

Recruitment grants

Recruitment grants are specifically designed for new or emerging council Scouting Alumni committees and may be used to establish a Scouting Alumni committee or development of a new recruitment program without cutting into a council’s budget.Successful applicants will use the grant to recruit former Scouts and Scouters or other interested community members to Scouting.There will be a total of eight (8) such grants ($500 max).

Innovation grants

Innovation grants are designed for more mature council Alumni committees and provide a low-risk test laboratory to test new ways to engage alumni. The purpose of these grants is to develop and test more innovative ways of identifying and recruiting Scouting alumni who are not currently involved in Scouting. There will be a total of four (4) grants of this type ($2,000 max).

Some Project Examples:

  • Developing an online presence for alumni communication
  • Designing and producing an alumni patch or reunion souvenir
  • Using direct mail to reconnect with individuals without an email address
  • Connecting Star/Life Scouts to 20 year old mentors
  • Holding a camp alumni reunion that includes an improvement project
  • Establishing a young professionals network
  • Holding a merit badge university at a local college
  • Involving trade organizations to hold a merit badge clinic

Applications for grants are online and can be found by clicking the links below. The application asks easy-to-answer questions and outlines a straightforward follow-up process that includes
submitting photographs, testimonials, and member statistics.

Successful grantees will share their results nd the lessons they learned with other councils and alumni committees.

Grant cycle

The Recruitment and Innovation grant cycles run concurrently.

The grant submission deadline is October 31. Rating and selection will occur in January and February.
Announcement of grant recipients within the month of March. Recipients will be notified by email and posted here.

Alumni committees are encouraged to develop their grant proposals offline before submitting them. Changes to or amended grant proposals will not be accepted. Grants must be used during the calendar year after submittal, or be returned.

Check out our Best Practice page for insights into grant funded events and activities.

Questions should be directed Vice Chair Awards & Recognition or Vice Chair Finance