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Awards And Recognition For Alumni

Several awards have been established to recognize the unique achievements of scouting alumni.

Scouting Alumni Service Commemoration

The BSA Alumni Association has developed a commemoration medallion to celebrate years of service provided by scouting alumni. This is not an award, per se, but a recognition of service. It represents and celebrates good deeds and contributions of the recipients to youth. The definition of service will be interpreted by each council. A medallion is available for 25, 50 and 75 years of service through the BSA alumni store may be presented by units, districts or councils.

Alumni Award

The Alumni Award is designed to encourage alumni to actively promote alumni activities in their council. It focuses on accomplishment in the areas of alumni service and development with emphasis on memories, marketing, mentoring, membership, manpower, and money. Specific requirements are listed on the application form, available at .

Recognition includes a certificate and a square knot for the BSA field uniform.

Alumnus Of The Year Awards

The Boy Scouts of America Alumnus of the Year Award is BSA Alumni Association’s highest recognition. This award was established to recognize alumni of the BSA who, over a sustained period of time, have used the skills and values they learned through their association with scouting to make significant and longlasting contributions to the scouting alumni movement, to scouting in general and their communities. This is not meant to be another Man of the Year, Good Citizen or general Philanthropist award. There are two levels of this award – national and council – that may be granted for alumni service.

The Council Alumnus of the Year Award is given for exceptional service to the alumni movement on a council-wide basis. Each council may select one nominee for this award annually. The council must notify the national office of their selection allowing accurate record keeping and current website information. The national office will forward a medal to the council for formal presentation at a public event.

Recognition for the Council Alumnus of the Year Award in addition to the medal includes a certificate, a lapel pin for non-uniform clothing, and an optional device for the BSA Alumni Award square knot, if it has been earned.

The National Alumnus of the Year Award is given for exemplary service to the alumni movement on a national level. One award is presented annually.

Nominations for the National Alumnus of the Year awards shall be sent to the national BSA Alumni Committee. The national chairman of the BSA Alumni Committee, in consultation with the sub-committee on awards and recognition, shall appoint a selection committee for this award. The selection committee members shall consist of previous awardees of the National Alumnus of the Year Award.

Recognition items are the same as Council Alumnus of the year with the knot device for Council being Bronze and National being Gold (available from the BSA Alumni store www.BSA

BSA Alumni Legacy Society (Not currently available)

The BSA Alumni Legacy Society is the first opportunity to make a direct contribution to the national BSA Alumni Endowment furthering the support of Scouting. Fellowship in the BSA Alumni Legacy Society is open to any currently registered youth or adult Scouter who has been recognized as a James E. West Fellow and contributes a minimum of $1000 to the BSA Alumni endowment. All contributions to the national BSA AA Endowment should be in addition to regular support of your council’s fundraising programs. Fellows of the BSA Alumni Legacy Society will be recognized by a unique Legacy Society certificate, a knot device for uniform wear on the James E. West knot, and name recognition on the BSA Alumni Association website,