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Alumni Historical Files Project


The Historical files and past Eagle applications (dating back to 1926) for the Blue Ridge Council were being stored in cardboard banker boxes that were falling apart. Many different years and decades had become mixed together over the years and were very unorganized.

For one of my Wood Badge ticket items, I chose to sort them all chronologically and provide Rubbermaid file boxes with hanging folders for each year.


The challenges that were caused by the previous filing system were numerous.

These included:

  • Staff was not able to find Eagle applications when volunteers requested a copy.
  • Staff was not able to find Historical file if requested.
  • Paperwork became damaged due to poor handling.
  • Files could get lost or mishandled due to damaged boxes.


To address these issues, I focused on an easier, more accessible filing system that anyone in the Council office could walk in and use:

  • Storage. I wanted containers that would be more sturdy and have lids that close, be easily accessible and more organized.
  • Sorting. Chronological by date the Eagle Rank was awarded was the best solution.
  • Filing. I wanted to label the files by year, so when a search is done on the Eagle Spreadsheet and the requested name is located, staff can search that year file for the corresponding paperwork.
  • Storing. The completed project is in our locked file room at the council office, all storage containers are labeled and on shelves.


“It only takes a minute.”

– Mike Butler, Scout Executive, Blue Ridge Council

The new filing system for historical paperwork and Eagle applications works so well that it literally only takes a minute to find what you’re looking for. Before it took hours and sometimes days of searching through boxes to find one.

During the process, I found several pages of paperwork for numerous Volunteers in our Council, they were very grateful to see a copy of their Eagle.

One of the stories that sticks in my mind is of a Friend/Volunteer that was brought to tears because the hand writing on his paperwork was his Mothers, it was the last accomplishment/big milestone in his life that she was part of before she passed away.

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