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Frequently Asked Questions

Scouting Alumni & Friends

Scouting Alumni and Friends is a program that engages current & former Scouts and their family members, volunteers (past and present), and the millions of Americans who benefit from Scouting in their communities each day.

SAF allows alumni to continue to stay in touch with BSA programs, hear positive stories about the BSA’s impact on the community, and learn the latest methods provided by Scouting to transform the lives of young men & women through the tenets of leadership, character development, citizenship, and physical fitness.

SAF is also an outlet for alumni to network and collaborate with one another under the common banner of Scouting, which may include increasing business connections and participating in service to the BSA or other organizations.

Last revised October 30, 2018

Over 50 million men and women have actively participated in BSA programs since 1910. Millions more have been positively impacted – directly or indirectly – through the involvement of their family, friends, neighbors, or their own exposure to Scouting programs in schools, religious institutions, or community organizations.

In a time when America needs young men and women who embody Scouting’s timeless values more than ever, the BSA determined that an alumni association would further perpetuate these values, continue to engage those who have benefited from Scouting in America, spread the positive story of Scouting, and continue to assist Scouting alumni in their vocational and avocational pursuits.

Last revised October 30, 2018

Scouting Alumni and Friends defines Scouting alumni as:

Anyone positively and personally impacted by the Boy Scouts of America

This definition includes former youth members, family members of Scouts past and present, community leaders and millions of Americans who benefit from Scouting in their communities every day.

Our definition of a Scouting alumnus is intentionally broad because Scouting impacts more than just those who have served in official capacities with the BSA. The Scouting umbrella includes those that ever assisted with a troop campout, financially supported a Scout, or hiked with a BSA unit. Any number of scenarios makes one a Scouting alumnus or alumna.

Whether an individual is returning to Scouting after a hiatus or are participating on a more active level for the first time, having yearned to become involved with BSA programs and the positive development of youth, we welcome them!

Last revised October 30, 2018

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has a wide variety of affinity groups where individuals with common Scouting interests and backgrounds may coalesce. For instance, the BSA has an affinity group just for Eagle Scouts, called the National Eagle Scout Association. Likewise, a BSA honor society exists in the form of the Order of the Arrow. These groups are organized at the national, regional, and council level. (Councils may also have additional affinity groups in the form of camp alumni associations or troop alumni groups.)

Scouting Alumni & Friends is designed to support these Scouting affinity groups by sharing resources (e.g. the Alumni Directory) and collaborating on best practices for engaging BSA Alumni. For instance, when a Scouting alum is a member of multiple Scouting affinity groups and Scouting Alumni & Friends, their individual data updates are shared between all organizations to which they belong.

Last revised October 30, 2018

Alumni Lists and Data

Each council has at least one alumni database administrator who is a commissioned professional of the Boy Scouts of America. Councils are also assigned additional administrators based on staff. Examples of professional staff that have access are Scout Executives, Assistant Scout Executives, Directors of Field Service, Directors of Development, and Development Directors. Administrators can access council alumni lists in real time by logging into the Alumni Directory with their My.Scouting username and password. Alumni lists can be segmented in many ways including by zip code, occupation, hobbies and interests and can be limited to the following:
  • Council Eagles (earned inside and outside of council)
  • Scouting Alumni & Friends Hikers, Pathfinders, Climbers, and Trailblazers
  • National Eagle Scout Association Members
  • Distinguished Eagle Scouts
  • Outstanding Eagle Scouts
  • Sea Scout Quartermasters
And much more! Due to the fact that alumni information is viewable in the Alumni Directory, administrators are instructed to not share their username and password with others. To determine your council alumni administrator or if you need help retrieving your password contact Scouting Alumni & Friends. Last revised October 30, 2018
Scouting Alumni & Friends abides by the Scout Law (including being trustworthy and loyal), and you can be assured that no personal information or membership lists will be given to third parties. Scouting Alumni & Friends may periodically notify Supporters of benefits, discounts, and/or opportunities made available through the BSA’s corporate partners. Nevertheless, rest assured that these partners will never be given your information in order to contact you independent of the BSA. Last revised October 30, 2018

Alumni Awards

Applicants must be currently registered adult Scouters of the Boy Scouts of America and must receive the approval of their local council’s alumni committee chair and Scout executive. Applications are forwarded to the Scouting Alumni and Friends committee. Those approved will be sent a certificate that can be used to purchase a square knot and/or lapel pin from the Scout Shop. Individuals who have received the Alumnus of the Year (council, regional, or national) are also considered recipients of the Alumni knot. 

To learn more click here.

Alumni Award Application (113K, PDF)

Last revised October 30, 2018

To see and take the courses, go to https://my.scouting.org/ and log in.

From there select the BSA Learn Center on the right side. It looks like this:

Once you select it, roll down to expanded learning.

There click on the Scouting Alumni box and you will see this:

Click on +Add Plan you will see all of the course offerings and be able to take the courses.

Last revised October 30, 2018


These awards are not given out in a significant quantity for National Supply Group to keep in stock. Therefore, they must be ordered directly from Scouting Alumni and Friends.

Last revised October 30, 2018