Career Affinity

(Professional Scouting Affinity Groups)

One of the best ways to bring Alumni back into Scouting is through the various Affinity Groups that BSA Alumni has to offer. The purpose of the BSA Affinity Groups is: To enrich the Scouting experience by creating a network that invites all Scouting Alumni to engage in unique and innovative ways through their professions and chosen communities. For more information, you can access the Association Communities page at

How do you get involved in a Group?

Check the Social media feed to see what is happening and how you can help. Look for other members of the group in your area and consider organizing an informal gathering. Reach out to your Local Council and see how you can get involved in their Alumni Committees.

How do I start a Group?

Starting a group is easy as well. Just contact us at to start the process. It is recommended that you look at the other approved groups to understand the purpose and scope of the Affinity Group program. One key element is that you have an established Committee and understand the requirements before submitted the application for consideration.