Committee Administration and Rules

Each council BSA Alumni Association committee may develop and formally approve a written set of committee rules to govern its operations. These rules should be reviewed annually and may cover topics such as meetings, chair appointments, activities, and dues.

In addition, the national BSA AA committee requires that the following rules be incorporated into all council committee rules. No committee rule, policy, or procedure may deviate from or change in any manner a requirement in any of the BSA AA current publications.

  1. Mission. The mission of this BSA AA council committee is to support BSA alumni and help them find purpose through the organization, empower BSA-related affinity groups, and attract and retain all those positively impacted by the Boy Scouts of America.

  2. Name and affiliation. The BSA AA committee shall be known __________________________

as Committee, ____________________________ Council No., Boy Scouts of America

and shall be under the supervision and the administrative authority of the Scout Executive.

  1. Officers.

    1. The officers of the committee shall be the BSA AA council committee chair as approved by the council president and Scout Executive and designated subcommittee chairs as appointed by the BSA AA council committee chair and/or elected by BSA AA committee members.

    2. Officers should not be younger than 21.

  2. Finances. All BSA AA committee funds shall be handled through the local council service center and go through all normal council accounting procedures.

  3. Drugs and Alcohol Policy. The Boy Scouts of America prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America, or at any activity involving participation of youth members.