Council Support

An important goal of the BSA Alumni Association’s National Committee is to support the formation and growth of Alumni Committees at each local council. This goal is supported by the Council Support Subcommittee.

The Council Support Subcommittee will have an ongoing outreach effort to encourage all local councils to form an organized alumni committee. The subcommittee will continue to work with councils to ensure that they have an active and successful alumni committee. The ongoing support will include:

  • Direct personal contact with committee chairs and members

  • Alumni Connection webinars to introduce topic-specific information

  • Zoom Campfires for interactive discussions of alumni-centric matters with council committees

There is a direct email address for Council Committee Support:

In addition to the direct support from the subcommittee, local council committees have the following resources available:

  • The BSA Alumni Association website – Scouting

  • Online training at the BSA Learn Center, found on (search for alumni in the course catalog)

  • Recorded webinars found on the

  • Training conferences at the national training centers.

  • Alumni Facebook page

  • This Guidebook