Guidebooks - Scouting Alumni & Friends


Find what you need to run a successful alumni program.

Scouting Alumni & Friends has several guidebooks available to help your council carry out an effective alumni relations program.

Scouting alumni & friends handbook

Scouting alumni and friends guidebook (pdf, 2.9 mb)
The Scouting Alumni and Friends Guidebook is the official alumni road map.Consider it Scouting Alumni 101 with  a toolbox that helps councils organize their committees at a council and district level, determine roles and responsibilities, plan events, and much more.

How to engage scouting alumni

Coming Soon

Learn the DO’S and DONT’S in interacting with alumni.
We will give you a hint…it doesn’t begin with asking them for something.

Anniversary/Reunion guide for unit leaders

Anniversary/Reunion guide (pdf, 2.3 mb)

Is your unit planning an anniversary event?

Would you like to see more alumni at a recognition event such as an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Or perhaps, you would like to see more alumni supporting your unit with their financial resources or time. Whatever the case, this guide will help you never lose contact with your greatest fans and resource…your alumni.