Council Alumnus of the Year

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…

The Council Alumnus of the Year Award features an acorn, a reminder that Scouts and Scouters plant trees under which they may never sit.

It is in that vein that the award was created as it recognizes those that promote and share the gift of Scouting through their careers, avocations, and their influence.

The Council Alumnus of the Year Award is different than other awards in Scouting as it does not simply recognize the individual for being a distinguished person or honor those giving time and energy to the BSA as a volunteer leader; Scouting already has awards that do that. It is more of a combination between the two.


Primary consideration (80%) is given to those that:

  • Remind Scouting alumni to maintain a lifetime relationship with Scouting, which enables Scouting to remain healthy for future generations.
  • Scouting promotion, contributing significantly to the promotion and/or advancement of the BSA alumni program and activities at a Council level over a sustained period-of-time through word and/or deed.
  • Bring Scouting Alumni back to the Campfire.

Secondary consideration (20%) is given to:

  • Career and/or avocation, such as achieving high honor or distinction in their chosen profession.
  • Community service, including contributions to Scouting or other community efforts or organizations.

How to Get the Award

  • Nominees must be a BSA alumnus – which means he or she has been positively and personally impacted by the BSA in some way.
  • A maximum of one recipient may be awarded per council per year.
  • The nomination is not to be submitted posthumously.
  • Nominations are submitted to the individual Council BSA Alumni Committee for Their selection process.
  • Approved nominations are forwarded to the to the BSA Alumni Association Committee for consideration. Those approved will be returned with a personalized certificate and be added to the list of Council Alumnus of the Year recipients.

Supply Item Description and Uniform Placement

Knot, worn on any field uniform above the left pocket; lapel pin for civilian wear.

Supply/BIN Item No.

These items are temporarily out of stock and it is unknown, at this time, when they will become available. This page will be updated as soon as there are any updates. 

Council Alumnus of the Year Award

Recognition items once approved, the national office will provide an 8-by-10-inch laser-printed certificate for presentation by the local council. A council may purchase the Council Alumnus of the Year medal (621294),  Council Alumnus of the Year lapel pin (621089), and Council Alumnus of the Year knot device (657423) via the National Supply Group’s B2B website, or by calling the main number 1-800-323-0732.

Council Alumnus of the Year Award Recipients

Listed alphabetically by council. Multiple council awards in a single year are due to council mergers.

Council NameYearNameCST*
Minsi Trails2014Elwood F. Laudenslager13
Pacific Harbors2014Ed Zeiger1
Quapaw Area2014Dr. David Lloyd Briscoe8
The Spirit of Adventure2014Marshall M. Sloane11
Western Massachusetts2014Jeffrey W. Glaze11
Chattahoochee2015Cpt. Frederic M. Sieg14
Crossroads of the West (from Trapper Trails)2015Brent Christensen2
Golden Empire2015Gil Albiani3
Greater St. Louis Area2015Richard H. McClure5
Knox Trail2015Peter P. Casey
Minsi Trails2015Claude E. Kohl, Jr.13
Monmouth2015Carl M. Marchetti, MD13
Northwest Texas2015James T. Hughes8
Pacific Harbors2015Alan G. Spaulding1
Pathway to Adventure2015David N. Sheppard6
Pathway to Adventure2015Dr. Brad L. Epstein6
Pathway to Adventure2015Michael S. LoPresti6
Pathway to Adventure2015Teri L. Ross6
Patriots' Path2015John E. Hein13
Western Massachusetts2015Cheryl D. Izyk11
Aloha2016Robert Fujimoto3
Blue Ridge2016Russell Hoke Smart15
Central Florida2016Barrie Biss16
Chattahoochee2016Donald P. Schultz14
Chickasaw2016Buddy Burkett14
Crossroads of the West (from Trapper Trails)2016Robert K. Petersen2
Golden Empire2016Kay Albiani3
Grand Columbia2016Penny L. Sibley1
Greater Hudson Valley (from Hudson Valley)2016Robert T. Armistead10
Greater St. Louis Area2016Thomas F. George5
Minsi Trails2016Edward C. Cool13
Monmouth2016Kurt M. Kalafsky, AIA13
Pacific Harbors2016Lesa LeDuc1
Pathway to Adventure2016Michael Tangen6
Patriots' Path2016Brian R. Haas13
Redwood Empire2016Richard C. Tallman3
The Spirit of Adventure2016Elmer C. Lupton11
Three Harbors2016Leland M. Kammerer6
Western Los Angeles County2016Michael K. Lanning3
Western Massachusetts2016John Willemain11
Aloha2017Barry K. Taniguchi3
Blue Grass2017Timothy C. Brown14
Blue Ridge2017A. King Dixon II15
Central North Carolina2017William C. Cannon, Jr.15
Chattahoochee2017Ingeborg Wills14
Cimarron2017B. Dale Huse8
Coastal Carolina2017David Allen Coffey15
Crossroads of the West (from Trapper Trails)2017Neil A. Butterfield2
Daniel Boone2017Jack C. Cole15
East Carolina2017B. Mayo Boddie, Jr.15
Grand Canyon2017Gary A. Smith, MD2
Great Smoky Mountain2017Lamar Alexander14
Greater Hudson Valley (from Hudson Valley)2017David E. Petrovits10
Greater New Yorks2017Johannes Knoops, FAAR, Assoc, AIA10
Greater St. Louis Area2017Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield5
Greater Tampa Bay Area2017James L. Ferman, Jr.16
Michigan Crossroads (Great Lakes FSC)2017Jay S. Bottorff9
Middle Tennessee2017Buford L. Reed14
Mid-Iowa2017James Wissler II4
Minsi Trails2017Robert Klinger Smith13
NeTseO ( Circle Ten)2017David M. Hamilton8
Nevada Area2017Edwin A. Ricks2
Northwest Texas2017Harrison Gibson8
Pacific Harbors2017Gary Douglas Stedman1
Pathway to Adventure2017Donald Harris6
Patriots' Path2017Lawrence F. Rosello13
Pee Dee Area2017Diane Bauer15
Potawatomi Area2017Lucien Van Elsen6
Sequoia2017Richard M. Egan3
Tecumseh2017Daniel Kirkpatrick9
The Spirit of Adventure2017John R. Halsey11
Three Fires2017Jeffrey D. Zavoral6
Western Los Angeles County2017Irv Goldring, Esq.3
Western Massachusetts2017Joshua David Hall11
Alabama-Florida2018Charles G. Ciccarelli16
Alamo Area2018John W. "JT" Thomas, MD7
Aloha2018Helen S. Shirota-Benevides3
Anthony Wayne Area2018Bryan Lineberry9
Bay-Lakes2018Allan Kieckhafer6
Blue Grass2018E. Michael Warman14
Blue Ridge2018R. Bruce White15
Central Florida2018Sean C. Osmond16
Central North Carolina2018Jack S. Kepley, Sr.15
Chattahoochee2018Ted N. Whealton14
Chickasaw2018David A. Luechauer14
Chickasaw2018Henry Turley14
Cimarron2018John Keith8
Coastal Carolina2018CPT Josh Nelson15
Crossroads of the West (from Trapper Trails)2018Dennis W. Freeman2
Daniel Boone2018Richard B. Hurley15
Far East2018Daniel Jay O'Neill1
Grand Columbia2018Bruce C. Heiser1
Great Smoky Mountain2018Roy Kramer14
Greater Hudson Valley (from Hudson Valley)2018Sheriff Carl E. DuBois10
Greater St. Louis Area2018Paul T. Combs5
Greater St. Louis Area (from Lincoln Trails)2018Richard A. Nolte5
Green Mountain2018Paul Stanilonis, M.D.11
Juniata Valley2018Mark A. Bonson13
Middle Tennessee2018John M. Green14
Minsi Trails2018Rev. George F. Spieker13
Monmouth2018Bray B. Barnes13
North Florida2018Jeffrey Swindling16
Orange County2018Jeffrey Evan Bozanic3
Pacific Harbors2018Michael Movius1
Patriots' Path2018Bill Smith13
Pee Dee Area2018Philip Bethune15
Potawatomi Area2018James P. Murray, Jr.6
Sequoia2018Michael J. Feist3
Tecumseh2018Angel Ashbeck9
The Spirit of Adventure2018Robert L. Wanamaker11
Three Fires2018John W. McKenzie6
Western Los Angeles County2018Albert Donald (Jack) Allen3
Alabama-Florida2019Fred P. Barkett16
Aloha2019Robert C. Leopoldino3
Blue Mountain2019General James N. Mattis1
Blue Ridge2019L. Leon Patterson15
Chattahoochee2019Clifford E. Hillhouse14
Chickasaw2019Lewis C. Williamson, Jr.14
Chippewa Valley2019David Raihle, Jr.4
Coastal Carolina2019Kevin T. Kramer15
Coastal Georgia2019James W. Holland, Jr. D.M.D14
Crossroads of the West (from Trapper Trails)2019Ange Workman2
Daniel Boone2019Kenneth Scott Page15
Great Smoky Mountain2019Helen Marie Conor14
Greater Hudson Valley (from Hudson Valley)2019Kevin Foley, Esq.10
Greater New Yorks2019Andrew E. K. Yiannakos10
Green Mountain2019John Hitchcock11
Jersey Shore2019Owen E. Heller13
Juniata Valley2019Mark Salvatore13
Long Beach Area2019Paul Muehlebach3
Middle Tennessee2019Ian M. Romaine, Ph.D.14
Minsi Trails2019Dr. Nevin W. Cope13
Muskingum Valley2019Linda J. Udischas9
Old Hickory2019Jason Johnson15
Pacific Harbors2019Keith L. Clark1
Pathway to Adventure2019Steve M. Towne6
Pee Dee Area2019Edward Suggs, Jr.15
Piedmont2019John Teeter15
Potawatomi Area2019Kathlene Sisson6
Silicon Valley Monterey Bay2019Hal Hendrickson3
Spirit of Adventure2019Thomas P. Keyhoe11
The Spirit of Adventure2019Steven M. Burrill11
Three Fires2019Cecil G. Piggott, Jr.6
Transatlantic2019Keel L. Ross11
Anthony Wayne Area2020Brian Monnier9
Baden-Powell2020Michael Dana Hughes10
Baltimore Area2020Thomas L. Owsley12
Blue Grass2020Kennith D. Green14
Blue Ridge2020Dr. E.W. Rabon, Jr.15
Central Florida2020Floyd A. White, III16
Chattahoochee2020Martha Ward Evans14
Cimarron2020Fred G. Spellman8
Gamehaven2020Marlowe Bennett4
Georgia-Carolina2020Robert Bolton, Jr.15
Great Smoky Mountain2020H. Doug Ferguson14
Greater St. Louis Area2020John Goodwin, Jr.5
Greater Tampa Bay Area2020Fraser Hale16
Green Mountain2020George Beach11
Jersey Shore2020William F. Schmitz13
Juniata Valley2020William H. Port13
Michigan Crossroads2020Michael Jedinak9
Michigan Crossroads (Great Lakes FSC)2020Earl Moorhouse9
Middle Tennessee2020Phillip M. Pfeffer14
Mid-Iowa2020Terry Lebo4
Minsi Trails2020Clifford Wayne Oberst13
Montana2020Steve Dogiakos2
Northern New Jersey (from Hudson Valley)2020Howard Hellman13
Old Hickory2020Nathaniel Todd15
Orange County2020Elizabeth Morgan3
Pathway to Adventure2020Sean Gertsch6
Patriots' Path2020Susan P. Carter13
Potawatomi Area2020Roger Mayer6
Quapaw Area2020David Elmore8
San Diego - Imperial2020Daniel T. Mazzella3
Silicon Valley Monterey Bay2020Robert Redig3
Spirit of Adventure2020Brian Lobao11
Tecumseh2020Robert Hemmerly9
Three Fires2020Herbert E. John6
Tidewater2020John Meade Scheib15
Transatlantic2020Mike L. Walton11
Western Los Angeles County2020Bill W. Norris3
Western Massachusetts2020Joseph C. Longo11
Alabama-Florida2021Cecilia Ciccarelli16
Alamo Area2021Michael Moore7
Baltimore Area2021Jay Lenrow12
Blue Grass2021Anthony B. Kenney14
Blue Ridge2021Everett Baker15
Central Florida2021Dr. Thomas Yuschok16
Cimarron2021Dr. Jack W. Dillwith8
Coastal Georgia2021Patrick T. O'Connor14
Crossroads of the West2021Michael Isom2
Daniel Webster2021Mark W. Hamel11
Far East2021John Traylor1
Great Smoky Mountain2021Max Haston14
Greater Los Angeles2021Ross Arnold3
Greater Tampa Bay Area2021William Daggett16
Green Mountain2021Richard Simays11
Indian Waters2021Carol Lee Caulk15
Jersey Shore2021Francis Thomas13
Juniata Valley2021William H. Port13
Michigan Crossroads2021Dennis Pate9
Minsi Trails2021Donald Sachs13
Muskingum Valley2021Chrystal Rardin9
Old Hickory2021Danny Ledford15
Pathway to Adventure2021Dr. Spencer A. Long6
Pee Dee Area2021William L. Duffell15
Potawatomi Area2021Donald Reinicker6
Seneca Waterways2021Henry "Hank" Roenke10
Shenandoah Area Counci2021James Arthur Thomas, Jr.12
Spirit of Adventure2021Raymond Theberge11
Suffolk County2021Carl Hyman10
Transatlantic2021Paul J. Ostling11
Western Massachusetts2021Robert E. Walz11
Alabama-Florida2022Scott E. Brewster16
Baden Powell 2022Harry Weldon10
Baltimore Area 2022Barry F. Williams 12
Blue Grass2022Nathaniel Vick14
Blue Ridge2022Marshall Lee Brown15
Capital Area2022Michael Files7
Central Florida2022William T. Litton16
Chief Seattle2022Billy Price1
Coastal Carolina2022Arlene Barton15
Coastal Georgia2022John S. Reese14
Crossroads of the West2022Brett Sutherland2
Daniel Webster 2022Michael C. Merry11
Flint River 2022Richard Andrew McCall14
Georgia-Carolina 2022Maury Locke15
Great Smoky Mountain 2022Don Dare14
Great Southwest 2022Richard B. Jones 2
Greater Los Angeles 2022Gary W. Jones 3
Greater New York 2022Martin Maher10
Greater Tampa Bay Area2022Mark D. Rose 16
Green Mountain 2022Bradley M. Jenkins11
Heart of America 2022Aaron Guest5
Indian Waters 2022Christian D. McDuffie15
Jersey Shore 2022James McGuire13
Juniata Valley2022Bruce E. Grinder13
Michigan Crossroads2022Eric Welsby9
Middle Tennessee2022 John Lea14
Minsi Trails2022David B. Binder13
Monmouth2022Spencer Morasch13
Mount Baker2022Sue Rhodes1
National Capital Area 2022Kenneth P. Davis12
Old Hickory 2022Randy Brown15
Orange County2022Deanna Westmyer3
Pee Dee Area 2022Barry Webb Jones, Jr.15
Pine Burr Area 2022Carroll A. Palmore , Jr.16
Potawatomi Area2022James Kieso6
Seneca Waterways2022Drew Hoselton10
Silicon Valley Monterey Bay2022William E. Jennings3
Suffolk County 2022Phyllis E. Stein10
Susquehanna2022R. Jeffrey Coup13
Tecumseh2022Elwin Spray9
The Spirit of Adventure2022Bonnie Showstack11
Transatlantic 2022Dick Meijaard11
Western Los Angeles County2022Jeff Frankel3
Western Massachusetts 2022Juan F. Latorre, III11
Baltimore Area 2023Michael J. Huneke12
Blue Grass2023David Madison14
Blue Ridge2023Micheal L. Thompson15
California Inland Empire 2023Robert J. & Loroselle S. Swartzel3
Capital Area2023Robert Earl Oatman7
Capitol Area2023Robert Earl Oatman7
Central Florida2023William Edward Cowles16
Chickasaw 2023Jackson W. Moore14
Coastal Carolina2023Richard Edward Koehler15
Coastal Georgia2023Billy C. Sanders14
Conquistador 2023Jeremy Kern2
Dan Beard 2023Matt Scherocman9
Daniel Webster 2023Andrew Diamant11
Flint River 2023C. Thomas Hopkins, Jr., MD14
Golden Spread 2023William McCarty8
Great Rivers2023Dr. Alan E. Hillard MD5
Great Smoky Mountain 2023Robert Parish14
Great Southwest 2023Dale Balmer2
Great Trail 2023Allen Fazenbaker9
Greater Colorado2023David Weaver2
Greater Los Angeles 2023Michael Birkholm3
Greater Tampa Bay Area2023William E. Guglielmi16
Green Mountain2023Richard A. Kent11
Heart of America 2023Zach Shafran5
Housatonic2023Matthew Decho11
Indian Waters 2023Jack E. Cohoon15
Jersey Shore 2023Kurt D. Stofko13
Juniata Valley2023David L. Acker13
Las Vegas Area 2023Bruce Rowe2
Middle Tennessee2023Timothy A. Acree14
Minsi Trails2023Claude Jay Rutan13
Monmouth2023Alvin L. Zach13
Mountain West 2023Bobby Carl Huffman1
Natchez Trace 2023Chauncey Godwin Jr.14
Old Hickory 2023Steve Tucker15
Pine Burr Area 2023J. Houston Costolo, III16
Potawatomi Area2023Bethann Tompson6
Simon Kenton2023Nancy Peto9
Suffolk County 2023Nicholas Russotto10
The Spirit of Adventure2023James P. O'Brien11
Transatlantic2023David Fabie11
Virginia Headwaters2023Sandon Allen Knicely12
Western Los Angeles County2023Chuck Smith3
Western Massachusetts 2023Steven P. Roberts11

Note: The indicated territory is as of the year earned and may not represent current territory to council alignment.