Council Distinguished Alumnus Award

Scouting teaches many things to not only the Scouts participating within the program but also to those who help those young people along the way. Once learned, many take these skills and apply them to their daily lives, especially their vocation and other avocations in life.

The Council Distinguished Alumnus Award is granted by the BSA Alumni association, through recommendation of the local council’s Alumni committee. This prestigious recognition honors those Alumni who have demonstrated and inspired others through their positive actions, accomplishments and devotion to their profession, hobby, community, and beliefs. In other words, it recognizes BSA Alumni who use the skills they have learned from Scouting to make a positive impact in the community.

Design Under Development

The Council Distinguished Alumnus Award is primarily for those Alumni who have distinguished themselves in their vocation or advocation. The Council Alumnus of the Year is primarily for those who have given service to the Alumni Effort.


Nominations are submitted to the local council to go through a council-run selection process and once selected, subsequently submitted to the BSA Alumni Association to be confirmed. The Council’s Scout Executive, President and Alumni Chair must endorse the nomination before it is submitted to the BSA Alumni Association. In very rare cases, the National BSA Alumni Association Committee may originate nominations.

Each recipient’s record of service and accomplishments should elevate the public stature and reputation of Scouting overall by the nominee’s association with Scouting. Service to Scouting is not required. Many worthy recipients may not have been involved since their time as a young person.

If an Alumnus is an Eagle Scout, the council should first consider the nominee for a NOESA or DESA.

How to Get the Award

  • Nominees must be a BSA alumnus – which means he or she has been positively and personally impacted by the BSA in some way.
  • The nomination is not to be submitted posthumously.
  • Nominations are submitted to the individual Council BSA Alumni Committee for their selection process.
  • Approved nominations are forwarded to the to the BSA Alumni Association Committee electronically ( for consideration. Those approved will be returned with a personalized certificate and be added to the list of Council Distinguished Alumnus Award recipients.


Item Description and Uniform Placement

Certificate, Lapel Pin, and recognition award.

Council Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

This award is brand new for 2024.