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Once a scout... always a scout

On my honor…

It continues with a promise kept.

On a foggy night in London an unknown Scout appeared to a lost American businessman, W.D. Boyce, and guided him to his destination. The young Scout changed the course of history and launched the Boy Scouts of America.

Since that fateful day over50 million Americans have recited the Scout Oath and Law as members of the BSA and countless others have been positively impacted through community service projects conducted under the auspices of Scouting.

Scouting Alumni & Friends Mission

The mission of Scouting Alumni & Friends is to support alumni of the Boy Scouts of America and help them find purpose through the organization, empower BSA related affinity groups, and attract and retain all those positively impacted by the Boy Scouts of America.

There are millions of Americans whose lives have been touched,
whose lives have been changed, by Scouting.
-Ed Pease, Chairman Emeritus of the Scouting Alumni and Friends

Scouting alumni & friends

Rekindle, reconnect, reengage

SAF serves every Scouting alum. But it is our loyal and supportive Hikers, Pathfinders, Climbers, and Trailblazers who make Scouting’s programs and services for America’s youth possible. We want to say THANK YOU!

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PS. If you have an idea for how we can do more to serve Scouting alumni, please reach out to us.

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