Will I have to pay additional fees?

Dear BSA AA National Chairman,

I am a member of the Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Association does that mean I am a member of the BSA Alumni Association, or do I need to pay another fee?


Summit Staffer 4 Life

Dear Summit Staffer 4 Life,

Thank you for being a member of the Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Association! I am glad that your time on staff was rewarding and that you are supporting the Summit Bechtel Reserve as an alumnus or alumnae.

BSA Alumni is for all who cherish their Scouting memories (youth, adult, parent, supporter). You are a member regardless of your affiliation with the Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Association.

Most Scouting alumni associations do not automatically share their member contact information with us, so if you are not already part of our online alumni community, I invite you to create an account and join us!  Signing up at www.scoutingalumni.org/get-involved adds you to our mailing list and allows other alumni to find you in our directory.

Of course, if you’d like to support our national organization’s work (both for alumni and current youth and volunteers), we welcome that and have membership levels that allow you to be recognized. What we want most is for you to be connected with other alumni and with us. The Scouting memories you cherish are made stronger by sharing them with others and our mission is to provide you with many opportunities to do so.

So, if you’re not currently in our online community, please sign up so we can keep in touch.  Thank you for being a member of a Scouting alumni association, and best wishes for more great Scouting memories!

Happy Scouting,

BSA AA National Chairman