BSA Alumni Guidebook

The BSA estimates more than 50 million living people have been positively impacted by the life-changing and positive programs that it has offered over the past 110 years! 

Many of our Scouting alumni grew up in a traditional Scout troop. Others in Venturing crews or in a career-based Explorer post; still others grew to love Scouting aboard their Sea Scout ship. You may have developed your deep regard for Scouting as a member of your local Camp Staff, as an Arrowman, through NESA, or as an adult through the Wood Badge program. Others may have supported Scouting years ago as merit badge counselors, Eagle Mentors, Commissioners, or unit leaders during a time when their children were engaged in the program.

You may simply wish to reconnect and spend time with other like-minded adults who wish to network, volunteer, or “be a part “once again of something wholesome, good, and worthwhile in the life of our country, our communities, and our families. All are considered alumni and are invited to join us as we rekindle the fire of Scouting within us.

It is the energy, creativity, and drive of the local alumni that make our association great, and Scouting needs you, now more than ever before in our history.

This Guidebook was created by fellow alumni to offer suggestions and best practices to help you build the presence of the BSA Alumni program in your hometown. Through it, we hope to answer your questions, serve as a steadfast partner, provide resources, and support your work to recruit good people back into the program.

We will articulate for you the wide range of ways that adults with a previous Scouting connection can reconnect with others through troop or crew anniversary celebrations, camp staff service days, or Wood Badge reunions. We will show you how your profession may be advanced by association with the national network of Scouters who have pursued similar careers. Our Guidebook will give you a chance to become involved with terrific people who also went to Philmont, the Sea Base, Northern Tier, or to our newest addition, the Summit in West Virginia. There are as many ways to reconnect with Scouting through the BSA Alumni Association and its wide net of affiliate and affinity organizations as there are caring and concerned adults out there!

To find Scouts you grew up and grew with, we hope this Guide will give you the keys to search the national BSA Alumni portal, web resources, and data bases.

Our goal is to help YOU reconnect with Scouting and to rekindle the fire of Scouting in your heart and in the hearts of others you help us reconnect to the life-changing and valuable programs of the BSA!!!

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey!