Philmont Seasonal Staff Opportunities

Imagine your favorite thing about that time you went to Philmont, or imagine the trip that you have always wanted to take to the legendary Scout camp. Okay, now imagine actually getting paid to spend a summer at Philmont. It sounds like a dream come true right? 

Applying for Philmont seasonal staffing opportunities is a great way for Scouts, 18 years and older, to become fully engulfed in the Philmont experience and everything it has to offer–while also promoting growth and confidence in campers. Working at Philmont is a REAL job that over 1,000 seasonal staffers do every year. Young staff members are able to gain invaluable work experience in leadership, working with a diverse group of people, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. All of which are critical for success in the workforce and are developed and practiced at camp.

Seasonal staff are onsite to operate and support programs in outdoor skills, backcountry adventure, family adventure, living history, training, food service, maintenance, retail operations, guest services, museums, ranching and horse/livestock, and administration.

Length of employment varies with job assignment, but the majority of summer positions run from May 23rd to August 17th. Preference is given to applicants who can fulfill a commitment for the full season.

Visit to learn more about Philmont staff opportunities and how to apply.

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