Civic Club Presentations


To reach out to Scouting Alumni and Eagle Scouts, through Civic Club contacts. Many Civic Clubs Sponsor Scouting units. Among these are Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Lions Clubs, Veterans of Foreign Wars and many more. Churches also are large sponsors of Scouting units.

For the purpose of this Best Practice, I will focus in on the Lions Clubs.

Most Civic Clubs have the same goals as the Scouting Program and share the same desire for service. The goal of this best practice is to educate the Civic Club Membership about the relationship that they share with the scouting program and to educate the membership on the programs that are available to them as past scouts.



Program Development

Event planning

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I have represented the Scouting Program in our WI. District 27 A1 since 2014 as the District Scouting Chair.

By making many presentations to clubs in the district, and as a Scout Ambassador and present Unit Commissioner, I have been able to resolve problems and questions that clubs have had with their sponsored Scouting Units.

I have had the thrill of awarding 6 Lion Club Members with the Lions Club Scouting Service Award.

It has been a rewarding and fun experience! If you are able to work out a similar program, please do. It will renew your commitment to the scouting program and bring the interest in scouting back to Civic Club Members that have been Scouts and are Eagle Scouts.

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Rick Seeger