2023 National Alumnus of the Year: Dr. Ian Romaine

Dr. Ian Romaine, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, is the 2023 National Alumnus of the Year!

An Eagle Scout, Ian is now enjoying involvement locally with his children. Ever since the earliest days of the original Scouting Alumni & Friends, Ian has been a cornerstone to the success of the organization. Ian is known for his diligence and breadth of skill, ranging from newsletters to the development and promotion of awards. Even during difficult times for the organization, Ian has willingly served as the interim leader for national alumni efforts. Most recently, Ian helped oversee promotional efforts and the successful execution of the inaugural National Gathering of Alumni at Philmont. Over the years, Ian has also tirelessly labored in important capacities at all levels of the organization for NCAP, NESA, and the Order of the Arrow, including service on the first NESA scholarship committees, growing the number of NCAP Assessors by 20% as NCAP Chairman, and the development of a vast digital archive for the OA’s History and Preservation team. Professionally, Ian works as a senior drug discovery research scientist at Vanderbilt University and is directly involved in the endeavor to find a cure for cancer.



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