BSA Camp Alumni Association Toolkit

The BSA Alumni Association defines Scouting Alumni as anyone who has ever been personally impacted by Scouting. The definition is broad by design to be more inclusive. Scouting Alumni can include those who are currently registered and active in the Scouting program, those who are registered but currently disengaged, and those who are unregistered and may have been disconnected from Scouting for some period. Regardless of their registration status and level of engagement, these groups of individuals are all considered to be Scouting Alumni.

The goal if the BSA Alumni Association is to bring every Scouting alumnus back to the campfire—and there is no better way to accomplish this then through a local camp alumni association.

When asked about their best Scouting memory, many Scouting Alumni will respond with a fond story involving their Scout camp, especially during their time at summer camp. Camping at one’s Scout camp is a memorable experience shared by nearly all Scouting Alumni. With that said, the formation of a local camp alumni association may be one of the best tools in the toolbox for reconnecting with Scouting Alumni, rekindling their Scouting spirit, and re-engaging in the Scouting program.

The BSA Alumni Association has developed a toolkit to assist councils in developing a Camp Alumni Association. Notice we did NOT say Camp “STAFF” Alumni Association. The focus should be around all Alumni who experienced the local camp. The reason for this is to allow your Alumni Association to be less restrictive and more inclusive. As Camp Staff Alumni Association is still a great idea, and this group can always be formed as a sub-group of the larger Camp Alumni Association.

You can use the information found in this downloadable toolkit as templates, references, and suggestions to assist your council in developing a new or strengthening an existing Camp Alumni Association.

The Mission of most Camp Alumni Associations is the provide “Spirit, Service, and Support” to their local Scout camp and/or reservation, and its related outdoor programs. The Purpose of most Camp Alumni Associations is to help sustain and enhance the traditions, legacy, and permanence of their local Scout and/or reservation through a network of active and dedicated alumni.