Scouting Alumni Reunion Planning Guide

Cub Scout Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Venturing Crews, Explorer Posts, Sea Scout Ships, BSA Councils, Order of the Arrow Lodges, Summer Camps, Wood Badge Courses, or High Adventure Bases all share the common element of Scouting Alumni. The Boy Scouts of America defines Scouting Alumni as anyone who has ever been personally and positively impacted by the Scouting program.

These Scouting groups, as well as numerous other national affiliates and/or career based affinity groups, often find a reunion of those alumni who share similar experiences and memories can help both strengthen and expand their group, while also serving to introduce it to other like-minded alumni. There is no single best way to organize a Scouting Alumni Reunion. However, the information provided in this planning guide is derived from several successful Scouting Alumni Reunions held around the country and may offer a few proven best practices to assist other alumni reunion organizers in a similar endeavor.

Scouting Alumni Reunions are a fantastic way to share memories, experiences, and laughs with former unit members, camp staff members, OA lodge members, and any number of other personal connections that have been made along one’s Scouting journey. Such reunions can be the perfect excuse for coming back to summer camp to have a look around to see what has changed, and to see what has remained exactly as it was. Use this planning guide as a tool for organizing your Scouting Alumni Reunion.