National Annual Meeting 2023

This “Aaron on Scouting” article explains what’s going on at this year’s National Annual Meeting and how Scouting is moving forward.

Scout Troop Saves Hiker’s Life

This “Aaron on Scouting” post describes the efforts undertaken by Scout troop to help save the life of a hiker and former scoutmaster

BSA Alumni Program Explained on YouTube!

Here is a great interview conducted by Harold White, BSA Museum Program Specialist, with Rick Bragga, BSA Alumni Association Vice-Chair of Alumni Relations. Rick and Harold talk about why the BSA Alumni Association came to be and why it’s important for all BSA alumni. Pull up a chair around the Alumni Campfire and spend a […]

BSA Emerges from Bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Announces Confirmation of Plan of Reorganization and Emergence from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to Equitably Compensate Survivors While Ensuring Scouting Continues Across the Country.


Are you wondering what to do to rebuild and advance the BSA post-bankruptcy? Don’t start from scratch! Start with those who have benefitted from the Scouting program and have been away for a while. Learn everything you need to know about identifying, connecting, and engaging with our alumni. Return home from PTC with lots of […]

Philmont Seasonal Staff Opportunities

Imagine your favorite thing about that time you went to Philmont, or imagine the trip that you have always wanted to take to the legendary Scout camp. Okay, now imagine actually getting paid to spend a summer at Philmont. It sounds like a dream come true right? Applying for Philmont seasonal staffing opportunities is a […]