Best Practices for BSA Alumni Gatherings at Professional Events

Courtesy of: Jeffery Bozanic


Council: Pathway to Adventure Council
Location: CST-6, Indiana/Illinois
Scout Executive: Jeffery Isaac
Alumni Gathering Coordinator: Joseph Kruzan

Individuals with a history of involvement in Scouting at the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) often bring a commitment to excellence and personal growth into their professional careers. Recognizing the need for networking opportunities, particularly for new professionals and recent graduates, the BSA Alumni community encourages gatherings at professional conferences and industry events.

New professionals, especially recent graduates, frequently encounter limited networking opportunities compared to seasoned peers.

Organize BSA Alumni gatherings at professional conferences and industry events to facilitate networking, camaraderie, and professional development.

Industry Meetings:
Professionals from various fields routinely convene at industry-specific conferences for discussions, education, and networking. These meetings, held nationally or regionally, are common in nearly every industry.

Case Study:
Joseph Kruzan spearheaded BSA Alumni gatherings at the annual Fire Department Instructor’s Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Collaborating with conference organizers, Kruzan secured a complimentary meeting space, creating an ideal environment for interaction. Providing refreshments fostered a sense of camaraderie. The inclusivity of inviting all Scouters and former Scouts, with a focus on promoting the BSA Alumni community, enhances the event’s impact.

Kruzan emphasized, “This is an excellent way to promote Scouting and the BSA Alumni community while celebrating our careers.”

Evaluation of Success:
Similar successful gatherings have been replicated at firefighting training venues in Nashville, TN, and San Diego, CA. The shared history of involvement in Scouting naturally sparks personal conversations, leading to discussions about individual histories, careers, and personal development. Notably, attendees have transitioned to new career positions as a result of these interactions. Additionally, some individuals, who were not previously involved in the BSA Alumni community, have joined the network.

BSA Alumni gatherings at professional events not only enhance networking opportunities but also contribute to the personal and professional development of individuals with a Scouting background. The success of these gatherings is evident in the organic growth of the BSA Alumni community and the positive impact on the careers of participating individuals.

About the Author: Jeffery Bozanic

Jeff Bozanic (1972) is a research scientist and underwater explorer. He serves as a Venturing Crew Committee Chairman, team leader of the Western Territories Council Support Subcommittee on the National BSA Alumni Association, and is a former Scoutmaster of a female Scouts BSA troop. Jeff is a NOESA Silver Beaver awardee recipient and has been recognized with the Regional Alumnus of the Year award. His son, John-Aaron (2016), is an Eagle Scout and Summit Award recipient (2021), and his daughter, Taleah (2021), is a member of the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts. articles:

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