The BSA has a new President and CEO

Andrew Miller, BSA Alumni Association Chair, shares his news of the selection of Roger Krone as the new President and CEO.



Dear fellow alumnus, 

Today’s announcement  of the selection of Roger Krone as the BSA’s President and CEO is great for Scouting. As chair of the BSA Alumni Association and a member of the CEO Selection Committee, I’d like to share why I am excited that Roger Krone will be our new CEO.

First, Roger is one of us: he grew up in Scouting and is an Eagle Scout. He’s been to Philmont, and his sons were Scouts. He knows what our program means to individuals, families, communities, and our country. He believes in what we do and has been changed – and seen his children changed – by our program. He will be a good steward of our values and mission, so that current and future generations of American youth can benefit from the same life lessons we — you, Roger, and I — learned in our formative years.

Second, Roger is an accomplished CEO, experienced in complex organizations with multiple stakeholder groups. He knows how to lead decisively, how to build consensus, how to build a high-performing team, and how to manage transformational change.

Third, Roger is a people person. He builds trust-based relationships and wants to know people. He understands that Scouting is built on relationships and the importance of culture.

Fourth, Roger demonstrates our values: he is loyal and kind, cheerful and friendly. He has a history of giving back to his community and profession.

In engaging with Roger over several months as part of the selection process, I have been so impressed by his keen mind, approachable demeanor, and deep sense of care for our movement.

I could not be more excited for Roger to be our next CEO. I also could not be more grateful to Roger Mosby for shepherding us through the past few years and opening a new chapter for Scouting. I invite all alumni to join me in thanking Roger Mosby and congratulating Roger Krone and wishing him the very best as he continues to live Scouting’s values and lead our movement Forward.

In Scouting,

Andrew Miller
Chair BSA Alumni Association

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