Defining Alumni and Diversity Statement

Whether an individual participated as a youth, an adult or was a third-party recipient of Scouting’s good work, all have benefited from the Scouting movement and are alumni.

We estimate that more than 50 million people have been impacted by the BSA. It is the goal of the BSA AA to keep our alumni active and engaged by creating a Scouting network to assist in connecting with past Scouting friends, keeping current with Scouting today and supporting them in their individual pursuits.

Diversity Statement

The Boy Scouts of America promotes a culture where each youth, volunteer, and employee feels a sense of belonging and builds communities where every person feels respected and valued.

Leading by example and encouraging each other to live by the values expressed by the Scout Oath and Scout Law, we welcome families of all backgrounds to help prepare young people to serve as successful members and leaders of our nation’s increasingly diverse communities.